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Video Analysis

Elite Tennis Development finds video to be an extremely useful tool for tennis coaching. It can be applied to skill acquisition, technique refinement, visualization, injury prevention, and coach education.

Although video has been around for many years, it is only now becoming a common tool for the tennis coach and player. This is somewhat surprising, given the numerous benefits of using video and the relatively low cost of this technology.

Some of the benefits of using video technology in your coaching include:

• Slow motion replay
• Developing models
• Tracking performance changes
• Athlete self reflection and analysis

Video can be a very useful tool for tracking any changes that occur as a result of your coaching.
Filming a player’s technique several times during a session or season can reinforce the changes you
are trying to make and give you and your player quality information. 

As many athletes believe that they are in a certain position when performing a skill, yet when they see themselves on video, it becomes clear that perhaps they are not quite where they thought they were. 

Our Video Analysis to the full benefit of the athlete. 


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