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At Elite Tennis Development we utilize Periodization for the systematic planning of athletic training.

Periodization divides the training plan into phases to maximize the ability to meet the specifics of physical preparation (strength, speed, endurance, etc.), according to the needs of the athlete.  It is a way of alternating training to peak during a competition schedule. This involves the progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific training period.

The annual plan is important in that it directs and guides athletic training over a year. The objective of periodization training is to reach a high level of performance (peak performance) and an athlete has to develop skills, biomotor abilities and psychological traits in a methodical manner.

We believe in planning out an entire year of tournaments for each player and customizing an annual plan based on an athlete's goals, technical needs, physical shape, mental strength, and competition schedule. 

Periodization helps prevent burnout, overtraining and injuries and is an integral part of the Elite Tennis Development program. 

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