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Weekly Camps

The Weekly Camps program allows students with limited time to take advantage of Elite Tennis Development's training environment and participate in the training our full-time students experience.  

Athletes travel from all parts of the globe for the opportunity to train with our top rated coaches resulting in weekly camps that are often a dynamic mix of cultures.

During the week the daily instruction is varied to maximize the player's improvement in all areas. Students are drilled, instructed and conditioned in stroke production, strategy, match play, mental conditioning, footwork and tennis specific strength exercises.  

If participating for multiple weeks, students benefit from our incremental training. Whatever the length of stay, our focus is on individual development.

To achieve the best benefit for each players experience and progress, we highly recommend a minimum of two weeks to take advantage of the total Elite Tennis Development training experience.

Weekly Camps students may also want to enhance their training with enrollment in our other programs and specialized training opportunities. 

Boarding includes:

Nutrition Plan (3 meals daily and snacks) 
Tournament Play (1 per month, within 50 miles) 
Daily Local Transportation
24 / 7 Supervision

• Tuition is payable in full upon enrollment and is non-refundable.
• A player may reserve a position in the academy with a $4000 deposit pending enrollment within 90 days.
• Additional / optional expenses at student's discretion are extra.

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