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Afternoon Program

Afternoon Programs at Elite Tennis Development are geared towards 12-and-under players who are committed to a focused training program, but are limited due to school schedules.

This program is designed for players wanting to develop the fundamentals needed to become top junior players, and ultimately college or professional players. 

The Afternoon Program's main focus is directed towards movement and competition, including technical and tactical elements.

The overall speed of the tennis ball is increasing due to equipment technology and athletic conditioning, hence the importance of efficient and explosive movement and footwork.

The program will provide specific drills and competition to learn these skills.

Our afternoon program is offered Monday through Thursday 4 pm - 6 pm. 

2013 - 2014 Afternoon Program pricing:

Commitment Price

3 months

$360.00 per week

6 months

$320.00 per week

12 months

$280.00 per week

Special Offer:

Students enrolled in the afternoon program qualify for specialty pricing on select items. Private lessons, individual fitness training and Interactive Metronome:

• Standard rate: $120 per session
• Afternoon Program participants: $90 per session





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