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At Elite Tennis Development we utilize Periodization for the systematic planning of athletic training.

Periodization divides the training plan into phases to maximize the ability to meet the specifics of physical preparation (strength, speed, endurance, etc.), according to the needs of the athlete.  It is a way of alternating training to peak during a competition schedule. This involves the progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific training period.

The annual plan is important in that it directs and guides athletic training over a year. The objective of periodization training is to reach a high level of performance (peak performance) and an athlete has to develop skills, biomotor abilities and psychological traits in a methodical manner.

We believe in planning out an entire year of tournaments for each player and customizing an annual plan based on an athlete's goals, technical needs, physical shape, mental strength, and competition schedule. 

Periodization helps prevent burnout, overtraining and injuries and is an integral part of the Elite Tennis Development program. 

Tournament Travel

Our traveling coach services are available for existing Elite Tennis Development players or outside players. Our coaches can accompany individuals or groups to tournaments. Some of the coaches are ATP level former players, so they understand the inside-court game from the physical stand point.

Tournament Travel includes:

1. Match preparation (tactical advice, match preparation plan, opponent scouting)
2. Match analysis (videotaping, charting)
3. Physical analysis (footwork, heart rate intensities during the match)

Our traveling coaches quantify their students training programs by charting and recording / monitoring the heart rate during the tournament / match. This is used to determine the intensity of the practice the student needs to be trained and it gives the coach a very realistic picture of the physical level of his student in stress situations. This is the key in developing a very effective training plan and this prepares them in a very efficient manner for the next tournament.

We will also assess:
- Power and endurance (accuracy of shots hit, player trends over the course of a match)
- Match habits (warm up routines, match nutrition, recovery techniques, and more)

Strength & Conditioning

As high performance athletes, our players are challenged every day to perform at top levels against the best competition in the world. Being well prepared physically is essential to reaching a competitive edge and having a long, productive career.

Our highly regarded fitness professionals, equipped with years of industry specific knowledge and experience place emphasis on building a complete athlete and not just developing them as tennis players.

Elite Tennis Development focuses on providing individualized training based on the goals and the demands of the sport of tennis.

Configured to the individual needs of the athlete, we create programs to improve physical performance by building strength, power, endurance or agility while also identifying areas of weakness and instability to help decrease the potential for injury.

It is part of our philosophy that nutrition, general health and mental toughness are also very important elements in their athletic development. 

Mental Coaching & Interactive Metronome

Mental Coaching 

Mental coaching is a term used to describe the development of the mental / psychological aspects of performance achievement.  On the tennis court, in the classroom and in daily life, achieving a peak performance is complex.

Each human performance act requires an individual to efficiently integrate an unique combination of physical fitness, technical expertise, tactical strategy, and psychological skills. Mental coaches are experts in the field of sport and performance psychology and understand how decision making, beliefs, images, and feelings affect and are affected by performance acts. Elite Tennis Development Mental Coaches utilize this expertise to assist performers to develop their ability to be focused, determined, committed, and confident in all performance circumstances.  

The development of psychological skills requires a systematic training program designed to utilize the performers’ strengths, address self-imposed weaknesses while remaining focused on achieving targeted goals even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome is a revolutionary Brain Fitness technology that helps children & adults make functional gains in their everyday life. These gains can range from walking to talking, reading to writing and sports performance.

Interactive Metronome is a computer-based therapy that improves motor planning, timing and sequencing, all of which are considered fundamental capacities for learning and performance. The one-minute assessment uses headphones, hand and foot sensors to determine how closely a participant responds to computer-generated musical beats.

Interactive Metronome's game-like auditory-visual platform engages the athlete and provides constant feedback at the millisecond level to promote synchronized timing in the brain. Exercises can be customized and involve a hierarchy of increasingly complex and precisely timed motor movements intertwined with gradually higher& faster cognitive processing, attention and decision-making.

The program can be used for enhancement of cognitive and athletic performance:

• General brain fitness
• Academic improvement
• Sports performance
• Career advancement

Interactive Metronome improves coordination and timing, and teaches an athlete’s mind how get into and stay “in the zone”, shut out distractions and stay focused in the play. This means better performance and judgment with fewer mistakes and penalties. That’s why the Miami Dolphins, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Elite Tennis Development use Interactive Metronome.

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