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About Elite Tennis Development

The TPFI "brand" or "market niche" offers professional tennis players specific fitness training based on state-of-the-art principles of physical fitness/sports science.

We wish to distinguish our tennis training program, from the many other tennis academies, by offering fitness training based on scientific, theoretical and proven methods of training. We believe that one of the greatest flaws in most of the tennis “factories” is that too many coaches are not formally educated in sports science/physical education and end up overworking/over training their players, and/or train their teenage students as they would a physically fully-matured adult athlete.

Too many young tennis players end up with serious, career-ending injuries or their career productivity is not at the highest level. We strongly believe that coaching is only as efficient as its organization and planning. The TPFI develop and implement training plans and programs based on a periodization system.

Periodization divides the annual plan into training phases to maximize the capacity to meet the specifics of physical preparation (strength, speed, endurance, etc.), according to the needs of the competition.

Our main objective in training athletes is to reach the highest level of performance at a given time on and off court. Many coaches think a player must perform at his maximum every practice. Researchers have showed that the reality is different.

An athlete needs to plan his peak performance at a given time, based on the competition schedule. In order to do that he will have to work weekly (micro-cycle) with different intensities, sub-maximal (under the match intensity), maximal (match intensity) and supra-maximal (over the match maximum and intensity).

Like a car, an athlete has to switch gears to maximize on court performance and prevent injuries. Now, because every person is so different in performing, body development, age, gender, etc. The most challenging part is testing the level of every single athlete and based on that to develop/create the most efficient training plan.

Because it takes time to get to the higher levels of performance, a plan needs to be made for longer periods of time (in most cases for a year) and the same time monitored.


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